Blue Tribe, India’s First Plant-based Meat Company Has Arrived

Mumbai: India’s first plant-based meat company, Blue Tribe is here to provide an alternative to meat consumption in India. Industrial-level animal rearing has an adverse effect on the environment with a range of repercussions including, greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation for the production of crops for animals, and methane emissions, making the livestock industry unsustainable and also the second-largest polluter in the world. Blue Tribe Foods is co-founded by Sandeep Singh, MD and promoter of Alkem Laboratories, and Niki Arora Singh, who come from a background in pharmaceuticals and feel a duty to create a product that people can enjoy, but not at the cost of our little blue planet. Blue Tribe is the co-founders’ personal venture to replace the usage of meat in the food supply chain in India. Over 60% of the population in India are non-vegetarian, making it a viable market for plant-based meat. The company is equipped with a fully-functional, state-of-the-art R&D lab and a strong supplier network for base ingredients and flavor profiles.


Today’s generation is making conscious decisions about the food that they are eating. With changing patterns and behavior, Blue Tribe Foods believes that now is the right time to introduce India to a range of products that have the same attributes as regular meat but are made naturally and sustainably from plants. The brand is ready to step into the market with ready-to-cook plant-based chicken nuggets and minced chicken that are every bit as delicious as animal meat and replicates the same nutrient profile.

Commenting on the launch of the brand, Dr. Navneet Singh Deora, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, Blue Tribe said, “Meat consumption in its current form is harmful to the planet for more than just ethical reasons. And, Blue Tribe provides you with better options for sustainable and healthy living. Working towards the common goal of bettering the environment, Blue Tribe is entering the market with a range of plant-based meat products that taste, look, feel, and cook just like animal meat!”


“Blue Tribe is a wholesome approach to the future of meat consumption in India. We want our products to hold a place in our consumers’ households. Blue Tribe offers a safe and healthy alternative to promote clean eating without having to worry about the animals harmed in the process. Our products are 100% animal-free, yet high in protein and super delicious,” said Sohil Wazir, Chief Commercial Officer, Blue Tribe.


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