BluSmart introduces Webinar Series ‘EV Unplugged’ to create public awareness to accelerate the adoption of EV’s

Gurugram : BluSmart, India’s first all-electric ride hailing platform today announced the launch of a webinar series, EV Unplugged, to generate awareness about electric vehicles (EVs) in the country. Through the webinar series, BluSmart will help its viewers understand and expand their knowledge on the total cost of ownership, mileage, maintenance and charging of EVs.

Link to the event:

“India is home to 22 of the world’s 30 most polluted cities and, globally, road transport is one of the fastest growing sources of carbon emissions. In a rapidly urbanizing India, commuting has become a big source of pollution. BluSmart has been at the forefront of electric mobility and has always encouraged EVs as a safe and pollution-free mode of urban transport,” said Mr. Anmol Jaggi, CEO & Co-Founder, BluSmart. “Through this webinar, we aim at showcasing the optimism that EVs hold in the Indian context and how people can make it mainstream with the correct knowledge. Having completed 4.5 lakh clean trips, we’re here to make EVs easy for the people, one webinar at a time,” he added.

EV Unplugged webinar series will bring a sound mix of eclectic discussions, crucial insights from industry experts with a tinge of personal anecdotes and learnings. The first webinar of EV Unplugged series will be on the theme, “Do EVs make economic sense”. This discussion will be based on the total cost of ownership of an EV and their comparison with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. The speaker for this webinar will be Mr. Anmol Jaggi and the session will be moderated by Mr. Anirudh Arun, COO, BluSmart Mobility.

The webinar series will address myriad concerns that people might have when they contemplate switching to EVs and will also delve into areas such as:

  1. Understanding the EV ecosystem better
  2. Extending an EV’s life span: Changing EV’s battery vs buying a new ICE vehicle
  3. EVs vs petrol/diesel cars: What’s more cost-efficient?
  1. Car costs
  2. Running and maintenance costs
  3. The ultimate 5-year comparison: Which one will
    age better between EVs and ICE vehicles?


So far, BluSmart has successfully managed to curb more than 1000+ tonne of CO2 emissions with over 15 million clean kms run by its all-electric cabs. One of the fastest growing electric mobility service providers, BluSmart has partnered with world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturers, and features mobility technology.

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