BML Munjal University Conducts Final Exams Online

Gurugram: BML Munjal University (BMU), a Hero Group initiative, has commenced online examinations for all students of the School of Law & School of Management, starting 18th May 2020, till 29th May 2020. The exams are being conducted using existing technical platforms of BMU and using facilities from Mercer Mettl. BMU completely transitioned the learning process online, starting from March 23rd, 2020, prior to the lockdown being announced. All academic activities are being conducted online, from classes to submitting assignments and hosting guest lectures by renowned experts

Talking about this innovative methodology for conducting examinations, Dr. Manoj K Arora, Vice Chancellor, BMU said “This is a unique way of conducting assessments and BMU is one of the first few universities to do so. All our students and faculty were adequately prepared before the exams began, given BMU’s tech orientation and familiarity with online teaching, thus ensuring a smooth conduct of the examinations. This sets a precedent for other institutions conducting examinations, thereby reducing the use of pen and paper and migrating to newer technologies.”

The state-of-the-art technologies ensure that there are absolutely no hindrances in the conduction of exams. Students must install the recommended browser on their laptops before the exam for enhanced security and uniformity. This prohibits running of any software in the background and bars the student from using any other application like chats, screen sharing, screen recording, etc. Only applications and softwares that are whitelisted for use during the examinations can be accessed by the student.

AI Based proctors and Human proctors work in sync to check for any irregularities during the exam. The exam begins after the students click a photo of themselves and their ID card. These are then approved by the Human proctors, post which the exam begins. Human proctors can pause the exam for a student in case they come across some inconsistency during the exam. All exams are recorded, thus creating a database to check with. In case there is a loss of connectivity on the student’s end, the exam gets paused immediately, thus ensuring that no time is lost due to a network issue.