BML Munjal University launches virtual masterclass series on change

Gurugram: BML Munjal University (BMU), a Hero Group initiative, has launched a virtual masterclass series, titled -When Tomorrow Comes. The masterclass brings accomplished leaders from different walks of life to share their real-life experiences, stories, and learnings on how to prepare for, embrace and thrive in change.

The masterclass series complement BMU’s focus on transformative learning. Targeted at all students – the university’s own and otherwise, the series aims to provide motivation and the right mindset to be ready and resilient for whatever changes, revolutionary or evolutionary that the future might throw their way.

The 60 minute live sessions are being held weekly. The first masterclass featured Sunil Kant Munjal, Chancellor, BML Munjal University, and was hosted by Prof Nigam Nuggehalli, Dean, School of Law. Mr. Munjal discussed the importance of adapting to change, citing examples of the Hero Group’s journey, the importance and humility of appreciating other people’s work, and shared how people need to lead by example, take criticism constructively and always possess the desire to learn, in order to be ready when tomorrow comes. The second episode masterclass featured Sonam Kalra, an accomplished Sufi Singer and Composer, and Soumik Sen, a renowned Screenwriter and Film Director. The session was hosted by Dr. Vishal Talwar, Dean, School of Management, BML Munjal University. The wide-ranging discussion touched upon the impact of Covid-19 on the entertainment industry, changes expected, their own memories of the university, and finally advice to those listening on how to be future-ready.

The recent masterclass featuring Dr. Narinder Batra, President Of the Indian Olympic Association and Dr. Deepa Malik, Padma Shri, Khel Ratna, Arjuna Awardee, President – Paralympic Committee Of India, was moderated by Mr. Gurbir Singh Sandhu, Olympian & Arjuna Awardee & Director – Department of Sports, BML Munjal University.

The discussion steered from how the athletes are adapting to technology to stay relevant, changes in the anvil for the scheduled events, things that keeps them going during the lockdown, moments that made them take the leap of faith and turn things around in their favor and advise to the budding athletes and students on how to embrace change and keep moving forward.

Both Narinder and Deepa stressed that one should remain positive and work with everything that’s available to the best of one’s advantage, everyone is understanding the power of being digitally connected and remain positive through and through. Deepa particularly advised those listening to pursue joy in the form of a hobby and turn it into passion to succeed, always reboot and restart if the need be. Narinder said being grounded, honest, humble and approachable coupled with discipline is a way to achieve success.

“The importance of learning and adapting to new situations and technologies to be able to ride change and thrive were important learnings from these masters. In adversity or crisis lies opportunity, was another hopeful message as they shared how collaboration between athletes and associations world over, use of technology, newer ways to connect with each other would be opportunities that the sports industry may not have considered otherwise’, said Mr. Gurbir Singh.

The upcoming masterclass will feature stalwarts from their field such as Akhil Bansal, Deputy CEO KPMG, Rajiv Luthra from L&L, Kaillash Satyarthi, Social Activist & Nobel Peace Prize winner, Deepak Vohra – Indian Ambassador to Poland, Gerard George, Dean, Singapore Management University to name a few. Tune into the online masterclass every Wednesday from 6 pm – 7 pm, for more details login to