Bonjour India’s ‘A Twist of Fate’ street show to showcase giant sculptures walking and dancing in Lodhi Garden, New Delhi

Event: A Twist of Fate, a street show with giant puppets in Delhi

Venue: Lodi Garden, Delhi, 110003

Date: 27th March 2022 from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Price of Admission: Free

About the event:

A Twist of Fate, a street show with giant puppets, will be showcased in India for the first time as part of Bonjour India 2022. During the Twist of Fate’s first performance, the giant sculptures will be a sight to see as they dance and walk in the spacious Lodhi Garden. The show has been created by – Les Grandes Personnes from Aubervilliers in France – a group known for bringing giant sculptures to life. Les Grandes Personnes worked alongside their Indian friends to create a story tailored to the taste of the Indian audiences.


Children especially will be mesmerized as they see puppets come to life and tell a story in a way they’ve never seen before. The show uses the puppets to narrate a love story whose offbeat characters range from children who like to play cricket in the streets, a policeman who’s not quite in his element, a soothsayer that uses tarot cards to predict whom cupid’s arrow will strike, and a handsome young man prophesied to fall in love. Despite this quirky ensemble of characters, the play has an element that danger lurks around the corner: a theme that will keep audiences on their toes.


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