Book on interpretation of Indian Constitution released


New Delhi: India in Chaos, Only Judiciary can save’, a book interpreting India’s Constitution, has released in today in National capital.

It attempts at comprehensive diagnosis of India’s maladies and their total cure and provides a unique opportunity to transform the nation by establishing Governments that are sensitive to human sufferings and capable of fulfilling the ‘basic objectives’ of the Constitution. The book is available on Amazon after its release.The price for the book is Rs 895 and the number of pages are 614.

The author, KC Agrawal, is an electrical engineer by profession from BHU now known as IIT-Banaras. He is also a senior member of IEEE, USA. Speaking about the book, former Chief Justice of India KG Balakrishnan said, “The book is an informative account spruced with the author’s intent to see our country rise into the realm of prosperity.”

Ram Jethmalani said, “The book must be read by all students, general or law who will find useful knowledge in every chapter to make them matured citizens of India.”
Dr. Mahendra Pal Singh, Chancellor, Central University of Haryana and Prof. of Law said, “The book may be translated into various languages for everybody to benefit.”

Keshari Nath Tripathi, the Governor of West Bengal, said, “Mr. Agrawal has indeed dealt with the practical aspects of the problems facing the country. The common people of India have great faith in the Judiciary. I think this book will be able to culminate into determination to fight the evils that inflict our society.”

NN Vohra, Governor of Jammu-Kashmir, said, “Mr. Agrawal, I share your concerns. We must liberate our country from poverty, illiteracy and backwardness and secure equality in every arena of activity wish you high success in your endeavours.”

Dr Mahesh Sharma, Union Minister of India, said, “Mr. KC Agrawal’s book is an eye opener for all. The book is useful for all strata of our society and our guardians – Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary. I would want the book be read by large people of the country. Indeed the time comes to implement the Constitution.”

Justice TS Thakur, former Chief Justice of India, said, “Mr. K.C. Agrawal is an Engineer by Profession but a lawyer by choice. He told us about what the country has lost and what can be redeemed out of it.”

Soli Jehangir Sorabjee, Jurist and former Attorney-General of India, said, “A fearless and independent judiciary is indispensable in any functioning democracy. Mr. Agrawal’s book is well researched and contains relevant material for any public spirited person to approach the courts on a PIL and seek the court’s intervention to prevent gross misuse of power by the executive and for protection of the fundamental rights of the indigent and neglected sections of our population. Mr. Agrawal’s book is a must read for any person who does not want to see India in shambles.”