Book: One Woman. One Story. A Million Lives

New Delhi: As the subtitle suggests, the novel is not a story or work of fiction – rather is a tale that tells the story of a struggling woman in every household.
It’s a tribute to womanhood, which reflects love and hope.
The main character, Gauri is an unpretentious story of a woman who handles the hurdles of life with courage and profound thinking. Her character is similar to that of many women we see in our lives. The protagonist Gauri is patient and persistent, with an undying love and affection for her husband, much like many women in the country, who sacrifice their needs, desires and dreams for the sake of people dear to them.
But what is different is the dramatic twist in the tale, which you won’t see coming.
The story tackles societal pressure on the youth, especially the men, from their own parents and family; colleagues and friends as in real life. Challenges of marital life, couple goals, dysfunctional families and difficult pregnancies, the dilemma of someone having been at the top of their job and losing it, leading to a sense of loss, vulnerability, despair – and breaking away from all of it.
Self-respect and dignity of a woman challenged by patriarchal culture and misogynistic traditions – stages in every woman’s life described in a captivating and gripping manner.
Well conceived characters, with strong presence and distinctive roles emerge and connect with readers, as the plot unfolds.
About the Author
Sathya Sam is a multi talented personality – a professor whose done his doctorate in marketing, currently teaches MBA students at one of the top business schools of the country, a mimicry artist, skit writer, stage show artist, a cricketer, part-time singer, blogger who regularly enthralls his readers with his ideologies about worldly matters and seizes every opportunity for a long drive. A must read. Available in Amazon

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