Book Review: World Cup Cricket Quiz

Author: Debasish Dutta
Publisher: Niyogi Books, Price: Rs. 60/-, pp-68, PB, Non-Fiction
Book Review by Santanu Ganugly

Cricket is a passion. So are quizzes. If it is a cricket quiz, then it means more fun. World Cup Cricket Quiz is a storehouse of important information on World Cup matches. It talks of our heroes, past and present, and their performances. You can read it in the morning with your morning cuppa, while travelling to school or office, in the evening while watching television or go to bed with it at night or keep in your library as reference material.

For the last 27 years, Debasish Dutta of Aajkaal has been following the Indian Cricket team all over the world. A globetrotter in the truest sense of the term, he has travelled more than some of our Prime Ministers. He has so far covered five Cricket World Cups.
Debasish Dutta presents a very interesting quiz for the readers, which is both exciting and educational.