Books up for grab at 50 percent slashed prices at AMU


Aligarh : Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) students and other bibliophiles can rejoice as the Publications Division of the university has half priced books on offer.

University students can now purchase all weighty tomes, hardbacks, paperbacks and softbacks of Publications Division and Sir Syed Academy from any year with 50 percent slashed prices, while book lovers—who are not AMU students can avail a 50 percent discount on all books published up to the year, 2005.

According to Prof Ali Mohammad Naqvi (Director, Publications Division and Sir Syed Academy), “The huge price cut for students and other readers is a part of an attractive discount policy which has been implemented recently”.

“However, for non-university students, the routine discount policies will be used for the purchase of Publications Division and Sir Syed Academy books published after 2005. They will still get a 25 percent discount for the purchase of up to nine books, 30 percent deduction on 10-24 books, a cut of 33 percent price on 25-49 books and a reduction of 50 percent for 50-100 books”, he pointed out.

Prof Naqvi added: “To mark the AMU centenary year celebrations, the Sir Syed Academy has also released 11 monographs on prominent personalities associated with the mission of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and ‘Aligarh Movement’ including on Raja Jai Kishan Das (English), Nawab Sultan Jahan Begum (English), Sir Ziauddin Ahmad (English), Sahibzada Aftab Ahmad Khan (English), Colonel Bashir Hussain Zaidi, (English), Sir Ross Masood (Urdu), Justice Sir Shah Mohammad Sulaiman (Urdu), Moulvi Chirag Ali (Urdu), Papa Mian Shaikh Abdullah (Urdu), Nawab Sir Hafiz Ahmad Said Khan (Urdu), and Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk (Urdu).

Dr Mohammad Shahid (Deputy Director, Publications Division) said: “To commemorate the hundredth year of the university, special centenary year editions have also been published such as ‘History of The MAO College’ (Hardbound, Language: English) by SK Bhatnagar; ‘The Life and Work of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’ (Hardbound, Language: English) by Lieut. Colonel GFI Graham; ‘Sayyid Ahmad Khan: A Re Interpretation of Muslim Theology’ (Hardbound, Language: English) by Prof Christian W. Troll; ‘Tabyin Al-Kalam: The Gospel according to Sayyid Ahmad Khan (1817-98)’ (Hardbound, Language: English) translated and annotated by Christian W. Troll, Mahboob Basharat Mughal and Charles M. Ramsey; ‘Maqalat e Sir Syed’, Vol- I, ( Two Volumes, Hardbound, Language: Urdu) compiled by Maulana Mohammad Ismail Panipati; ‘Sir Syed Ahmad Khan Memorial Lectures’ (Hardbound, Language: English), compiled by Prof Shan Mohammad; ‘Awaaz-e-Sir Syed’ (A collection of articles by Prof Shan Mohammad on various facets of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (Hardbound, Language: Urdu) compiled by Dr. Shahnoor Shan; and ‘Women in AMU at 100’ by Dr Faiza Abbasi, which traces the educational and personal philosophies of three vital figures in the Aligarh Movement- Sir Syed, the founder; Begum Sultan Jahan, the first Chancellor; and Sheikh Abdullah, the pioneer of female education in Aligarh.”

He added: ‘A History of Aligarh Muslim University 1920-2020’ with pictorial depiction of AMU’s 100 years and Jahan-e-Syed (Hardbound, Language: English, Edition: 2017, available at 50 percent discount), a coffee table book on Sir Syed’s life and works with rare photographs are also available at the sales outlet of the Publications Division.The Publications Division and the Sir Syed Academy have also published several other important titles during the AMU centenary celebrations.

The sales outlet of the Publications Division at Bab-e-Syed, AMU remains open on all working days during official hours, while the Shamshad Market sales outlet opens on all working days between 2:30 pm to 5 pm.


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