Booozie – India’s First 10 Minute Liquor Delivery Platform to launch operations in Kolkata


Kolkata : Booozie, the Hyderabad based start-up which is the flagship brand of Innovent Technologies Private Limited is back in the news with a service which claims to be India’s First 10 Minute Liquor Delivery Platform. This web and app-based social networking platform not only boasts of an impressive library of all liquor brands available across in India but also lets users filter the list of brands available in a particular state. The features of the app include a platform for social engagement promoting responsible drinking, a database of bars/clubs in every city, offers and events at various bars/clubs, an exhaustive catalogue which lists the brands and current MRP of brands available in every state of India, tamper proof Online delivery of liquor at doorstep.

Booozie is launching this service in Kolkata after receiving a nod from the West Bengal State Excise Department. Booozie will be a delivery aggregator by picking up liquor from the nearest shop, and achieving the 10 minute delivery by use of Innovative AI which predicts consumer behaviour and order patterns.

“With a paradigm shift in the mindset of the urban consumer, who is accustomed to having everything delivered at the doorstep, it’s about time that a product so widely being consumed also be made available. Even better, if it could be done within 10 minutes. Imagine being able to get a chilled bottle of beer in 10 minutes while enjoying a game, or not having to worry about planning for liquor at a party at home. We welcome the move by the West Bengal Government to open doors for aggregators to ease the deficit in the consumer demand and current supply in the market. With the advent of cutting edge technologies and Booozie’s commitment to responsible drinking, most of the apprehensions associated with liquor delivery such as Delivery to Under-age persons, adulteration, excessive consumption etc have been addressed said Vivekanand Balijepalli, Co-Founder and CEO of Booozie.

Innovent Technologies Private Limited has created a B2B logistics management Platform, “Gokea”, which will optimise the delivery costs thereby making Booozie an affordable platform. An array of AI products is used to capture patterns assisting in forecasting real-time demand which is much needed in the 10-minute delivery space.

Vivekanand added “The surveys and numbers indicate a dip in the footfalls at Bars/Pubs, mostly perceived due to the new normal of a pandemic caused sweeping societal change of people preferring to stay indoors. The broad and nearly universal view is that people’s relationship with technology will deepen as larger segments of the population come to rely more on digital connections for their daily needs. Liquor seams no different as indicated in the surveys. The day is not too far, when households will plan their monthly liquor supplies just like they do for their groceries.”

Looking at the success of the West Bengal model, many other State government’s are toying with the idea of implementation of guidelines for Liquor delivery, to bridge the revenue deficit due to dip in sales. Exciting times for the 40 Billion $ and ever increasing liquor industry in India.