Booster dose for Covid-19 successfully administered at IIM Jammu

Jammu: In view of the recent rise of Covid-19 cases across the country and in the union territory of J & K, IIM Jammu with a motto to safeguard and protect the campus and its community of students, faculty, staff members, and their dependants including their outsourced staff ranging from security, housekeeping, horticulture, etc. against the deadly virus successfully administered the booster dose to its entire fraternity with the active support from Directorate of Health Services Jammu, Govt of J & K and Ministry of Education, Govt. of India on 4th Aug 2022.
Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director, IIM Jammu said, “The booster dose vaccination was carried out in the interest of the IIM Jammu fraternity to safeguard them against the deadly virus and its new variants. From the time of its inception, IIM Jammu has been consistent in its commitment to offer comprehensive medical care and well-being to its students and its entire workforce (Faculty, officers, staff, security, horticulture, and housekeeping). The booster dose for Covid-19 was administered successfully today to all our students and the workforce of the institute. The successful completion of the booster dose will substantially reduce the pressure on public health systems and help our nation counter the pandemic challenges more effectively. He urged everyone to collectively overcome this adversity with triumph.”
Adding further, he said, “The Institute could protect its entire fraternity outstandingly well all throughout the pandemic owing to preventive measures adopted by the Institute well in advance. This commendable level of protection was made possible due to the right practices, active cooperation from the student’s faculty, and staff of IIM Jammu following the Covid protocols very strictly and responsibly. At this juncture, I urge everyone to join hands in the fight against the pandemic. I on behalf of the Institute would like to acknowledge the support received from Govt. of J & K and the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India in this endeavour”
Post-vaccination, no side effects were observed and after that, all the students and workforce could function as usual in their daily routine. The vaccination drive saw a total of 174 individuals taking the booster dose, this included students, faculty, staff, and their dependants including their outsourced staff ranging from security, housekeeping, and horticulture joining in for the booster dose drive conducted at IIM Jammu.