Boston Institute of Analytics and KPMG in India have collaborated to offer a course in Data Science and Business Analytics

New Delhi: An estimate by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics states the availability of 11.5 million jobs in the Data Science and Analytics industry by 2026. Currently, the number of job openings available in the sector in India is 1.5 lakh, a 62% rise as compared to the last year.
With the ubiquity and easy availability of data, companies and businesses, irrespective of their sizes, are turning to Data Science tools and technologies to analyze, optimize and re-strategize each aspect of their businesses for improved efficiency.
With the demand rising exponentially, a significant skill gap is also observed in the industry. Companies are finding it difficult to find the right talent for positions like Data Scientists, Data Analysts and other similar roles in Data Science and Analytics. To address this skill gap, Boston Institute of Analytics and KPMG in India have come together to bring quality education and industry exposure to students and working professionals interested to tap the emerging opportunities in this sector.
On this collaboration Ashwin Malik Meshram, Director BIA said “BIA has always stressed on ensuring an industry-focused curriculum, and this collaboration with KPMG in India is taking our vision to the next level and opening opportunities for our students to capitalize on the additional industry experience brought on by KPMG in India.”
Arihant Garg, Partner (Lighthouse – Data Analytics and Data Science Practice), KPMG in India on this collaboration said “KPMG in India and BIA’s collaboration will help the students and people with experience equally to get a complete perspective on Analytics and its implementation in Industry. We are delighted to be a part of this collaboration and are confident of its success.”
BIA in collaboration with KPMG in India is offering a course in Data Science with expert faculty and mentors from both, BIA & KPMG in India. Admissions for this course are now open. The Core module of this Data Science course has no pre-requisites and is open to everyone with the curiosity and willingness to learn.

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