Brainly’s AI-powered Math Solver assists over 3.8M Indian students with complex mathematics problems in 2021

Launched in early 2021, Brainly Math Solver was created to remove confusion and anxiety from the subject

New Delhi: Many students struggle with mathematics, especially while trying to learn and solve problems with online assistance. Backing this up, a survey by Brainly, the online learning platform where over 350 million students and parents go from questioning to understanding, found that 33% of Indian students saw mathematics as a challenging subject that they need the most help with while doing their homework.

Eyeing the needs of new-age students, Brainly launched Math Solver in India in early 2021. An AI-powered 24/7 tool that assists users with finding solutions for the most complex mathematical problems, Brainly Math Solver has since become an indispensable tool for Brainly’s India-based users, as reflected in the 2021 round-up numbers.

A recent analysis found that since its launch earlier in the year, Brainly Math Solver has been discovered by over 3.8 million users in India alone. During this time, the platform processed over 30,000 photos daily, offering step-by-step guidance to complex math problems through the Snap to Solve feature. Notably, Brainly Math Solver’s AI-powered process takes just 2.5 seconds from scanning the question to presenting the solution.

Speaking on year 1 of Brainly Math Solver, Rajesh Bysani, CPO at Brainly, said, “Mathematics is a unique subject that stumps students and parents alike. As the hybrid model becomes the future of learning, Brainly Math Solver will aid at-home learning and help students grasp concepts and understand solutions with step-by-step explanations and graphic visuals. The first year of Brainly Math Solver has yielded promising results, and we look forward to continuing helping millions of students over the years to come.”


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