Brainobrain to Conduct 6th International Competition on 9th January 2021

Chennai: Being confined inside homes due to the pandemic, can never deter the spirit of learning and winning in young children. To keep up the young minds bright, Brainobrain Kids Academy conducts 6th International Abacus Competition for its students, which will be held on 9th January 2021. The competition is for the students who attend abacus class with the Brainobrain’s global network.

Considering the safety of children due to the ongoing pandemic, the Brainobrain International Competition will be held online, this year. More than 25,000 children from 45+ countries across the world pertaining to the age group of 4-14 years are expected to compete on one global platform connected virtually. This online global event will test the mathematical ability and the brain-brilliance endowed in young children.

Kids participating in the Brainobrain International Online Competition will solve sixty complex sums within three minutes. Junior kids will derive the answers using the abacus tool, while senior kids will derive answers through mental arithmetic skills. Children who present the answers with maximum speed and accuracy will be declared as winners in this international competition.

Software designed to monitor the work of the students and to assess their answers based on the speed and accuracy will handle the performance of the students. Winners will be awarded Champion, Gold and Silver Titles.

Mr. Anand Subramaniam, CEO, Brainobrain Kids Academy said, “The ongoing crisis has brought a lot of restrictions on kids due to lockdown. But, children have a resilient spirit when faced with tough circumstances. Kids trained under Brainobrain’s skill development programme and abacus classes are strong-willed to pursue their empowerment process through our online sessions. Lockdown has served as a period to fine-tune their craft. This online international competition will facilitate the participation of more kids from the comfort of their homes and will be a chance to test their mathematical ability.”

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