BridgeLabz includes business communications and soft skills as part of its 30 day bootcamp, helps make talent job ready!

Mumbai: One of India’s largest AWS-recognised incubation labs, BridgeLabz, has introduced business communications and other soft skills into its 30 day CodinClub Bootcamp which is focused on making fresh inexperienced talent tech employable. The launch is aligned with the company’s latest survey findings around the skills engineers would like to hone for better prospects.

In the survey, 89.98% of the respondents (engineering job seekers) unanimously rated Business Communication as the top skill they would want to stay relevant as an employee. While over 81% consider it a must-have for the discipline. A proactive approach in integrating and implementing such solutions comes as a testament to BridgeLabz’s commitment to addressing the needs of coders, thereby helping increase their employability pool.

The Business Communications skills will be a part of the foundational skills program incorporated in the 30-day boot camp. The soft skills sessions are designed to keep them as interactive as possible, without levying any extra cost for introducing the same. It will be a blend of interpersonal skills, social intelligence, social dynamics, and will revolve around developing the presence of mind.

It is worth noting that the pandemic-induced business disruptions have paved the way for futuristic portfolios. Today the job descriptions are not limited to industry knowledge but demand an augmented skillset replete with tech-savviness and soft skills. A majority of employers are also looking for candidates who have an all-inclusive skill set that goes beyond the typical operational requirements to connecting, engaging, and self-expression.

Speaking on the development, Narayan Mahadevan, Founder, BridgeLabzsaid, “Upgradation is indispensable. No matter how skilled you are in your field, you cannot distance yourself from the fact that a holistic skillset will future-proof your position at any organization. Besides, our last survey findings highlighted the same. Going forward, versatility will be the key to survival in the job market. Introducing Business Communications and other soft skills to the job seekers at training level will boost their confidence while making them readily deployable for New Normal of the workspaces.”