A brief description about the required Medical tests for immigration

Every citizen who wants to immigrate has to undergo a medical examination regardless of age. The medical examination can be done only by the authorized doctor by embassy or consulate. A medical examination can’t be done by any other doctor who is not authorized by the embassy.

The medical test required for immigration physical:-
1. Medical History:-

Doctor or the professional staff will ask you about the medical history, where you need to mention any complain or physical condition you are involved with. The doctor will also ask you about the smoking and drinking habits, exercise and sexual health. Along with it, the doctor will take a look at your vaccination status.

#2. Vitals:-

These are some of the vital signs recorded by the doctor.
:- Blood Pressure- More that 130/90 is recorded to be hypertension.
:- Temperature- the average temperature is 98.6-degree Fahrenheit but there might be a slight deviation from the normal value.
:- Respiration rate- The Normal range is 12-16 per minute, a higher value than that of 20 is indicative of lung or heart problem.
:- Heart rate:- Range of 60-100 is considered normal. Higher than 100 is tachycardia and lower than 60 is bradycardia.

#3. Appearance:-

This is noted by the doctor while talking to you about your behavior, the doctor takes a rough idea of your mental health, skin and normal physical fitness for standing and walking. The doctor will take a close look to the eye, ear, nose, abdomen, lymph nodes, external genitalia, and skin. The doctor will also take a blood sample in case he suspects anything and a chest x-ray can also be advised to screen lung for tuberculosis or any other abnormality.

#4. Vaccination card:-

Doctor will also look for your vaccination card in order to make sure that you need any vaccine or not to complete the medical immigration physical examination. If your vaccination is completed then you won’t need any vaccine but in case the vaccination is not complete then you will be given vaccine on the same day or will be scheduled on further. If you have lost your vaccination records then you can also give your blood sample to prove the presence of antibody and ensure your immune status.
Vaccinations required includes-
Hepatitis A & B
Diphtheria and tetanus toxoid
Rubella, Polio, Rotavirus, Measles, Mumps
Pneumococcal and meningiococcal
Influenza and Influenza type b

#5. Tuberculosis Screening:-

Every person and children above two years of age have to go through TST(tuberculin sensitivity test). Children below two years can also be screened for tuberculosis if there is evidence of contact with the infected person or any other suspicion. If the skin reaction size goes above 5mm in size then chest X-ray is to be done to confirm the diagnosis.
Pregnant women will also be exposed to x-ray if the size of reaction is more than 5mm.

#6. Syphilis test:-

All the applicant of age 15 or above and children below the age of 14 years who have a previous history or symptom of syphilis has to be tested for syphilis. In case the syphilis is diagnosed then it must be treated before further processing of application form.

#7. Gonorrhea urine test:-

Gonorrhea is screened with the collected urine sample. All the applicants of age 15 years or above and those below 15 years having a previous history or symptom must be screened for syphilis. And if the gonorrhea is diagnosed then it must be treated before the further process of the application form.

Condition or illness that may cancel your immigration application:-
# Any communicable disease which can affect the general public.
# Any mental disease that may cause the threat to the property and life of indigenous persons.
# Any drug addiction.
# Any physical behavior that may harm the property, and pose a threat to the people.