BrightCHAMPS launches , a first-of-its-kind Global Hackathon for 3,000 kids


Panjim : Goa-based BrightCHAMPS, a global edtech company that provides next-gen life skills to children, has launched <Code/Decode> a Global Hackathon for kids, with prizes worth $10,000. The event will be held over two days, on 26th and 27th March, 2022 and will see over 3,000 students between the ages of 6 to 16 participating across its 30+ geographies. The company plans to make this a quarterly activity, while substantially scaling up participation and prize values. In the first instalment, the kids will compete across 10 categories, depending on their grade and skill level. To qualify, kids had to complete a series of skill-based activities & tasks assigned by their teachers, over a period of one month. The final 3,000 qualifying kids will now undergo a two-day boot camp, which will include fireside talks and debates around innovations in technology, masterclasses, and, of course, the main coding competition.

Its competition and celebration season at BrightCHAMPS. In addition to its own Global Hackathon, the edtech giant also recently celebrated the win of 8 of its kids at the International Kids Coding Competition (IKCC) 2022 in February. The company sent 21 students to IKCC 2022, of which 2 secured winning ranks, and 6 were awarded diplomas for Outstanding Script.

Speaking about the twin achievements, Ravi Bhushan, Founder & CEO, BrightCHAMPS, said, “Our kids’ inspiring sweep at IKCC and the impact its had on the participating and winning kids’ motivation to learn more and get better is what galvanised us to launch <Code/Decode> at this speed. Due to the scale of our operations, we’re uniquely positioned to bring the kids of the world together for cross-cultural technological exchanges. We plan to have 4 global hackathons every year, each one bigger than the previous. We’re visualising <Code/Decode> as a global technological carnival cum hackathon for kids. We want the kids to compete and go back with a feeling of achievement and motivation to keep getting better, but we also want to use this property to help them understand the true future potential of what they are learning in their BrightCHAMPS classes. The world is expanding and shrinking simultaneously, thanks to technology. Our aim at BrightCHAMPS has always been to best impart practical education to kids to prepare them for a rapidly changing world. <Code/Decode>’s ultimate aim is to help kids visualise their learnings in the real world.”


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