Brilliant “BISME” bonaza benefits bright HKU students via many new prestigious MSc Scholarships in the field of Space Science

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the NJU-HKU No.1 satellite and their MoU with HKU Laboratory for Space Research, the famous Beijing Institute of Space Mechanics and Electricity (BISME)1 has confirmed it is making available at least 300,000RMB annually to establish a minimum of six scholarships at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) for the exciting new Taught Postgraduate Master of Science (MSc) programme in Space Science2 hosted by the Physics department3 beginning in September 2020.

Up to six scholarships (50,000RMB each) shall be awarded annually to students entering the Master of Science in the field of Space Science programme based on academic excellence and academic potential. Students with financial hardship will also be given priority in considering four of these scholarships. On top of this there is a further elite scholarship programme of 100,000RMB for approval of any number of outstanding joint projects undertaken by the MSc students within the BISME-HKU Laboratory for Space Research (LSR)4.

Professor Quentin Parker, the MSc programme director and LSR director, said: “BISME is a key, strategically vital partner of the LSR at HKU. They have been the lead institute involved in the design and manufacture of our Lobster-eye X-ray telescope. This is due for launch in late July 2020 as the “NJU-HKU No.1 satellite” with the main science mission to look for clues to the origin of dark matter.”

Deputy director of BISME Ms Fan Bin said: “I believe that the programme is a timely one and will be helpful to better prepare students. I strongly support this Taught Postgraduate MSc programme in Space Science and hope it can provide a steady stream of talent resources for Space Science research.”

“BISME have been a truly excellent partner for the LSR at HKU and we look forward to many years of fruitful collaboration for this first HKU satellite and indeed several others. These scholarships also demonstrate the high value BISME is placing on our new MSc in Space Science in the support of bright young minds entering this exciting elite programme which is the first of its kind in HK SAR and indeed the entire Greater Bay Area. Their confidence in us and their investment in young minds through this generous scholarship programme is a tremendous example of co-operation and mutual benefit for now and the future,” added Professor Parker.

Dr Lee George Lam, Chairman of Cybeport where the LSR is located, said: “This new programme is going to open up a new channel for STEM students as well as digital tech-savvy professionals to embark on an exciting career in data-driven innovation fields relevant to the fast-emerging Space Economy. I believe that this programme will complement and bring out the untapped potential of our younger generation and inspire and prepare them well for the Space Economy.”

Finally, BISME are also offering up to 10 annual internship posts at BISME for HKU Space Science MSc students over the summer with strong prospects for future employment opportunities.