Bringing folk tales to life – ISA Activity embracing culture’s across the world

Hyderabad: ISA Activity Grade V-Glendale Academy international Students of grade 5 & 6 from Glendale Academy brought the curtain down on their ISA(International School Awards) activities with a scintillating finale performance and a gallery walk of their leanings based on the topic-myths legends and folktales from across the world. The event was held at Glendale International Academy in Bandlaguda, Hyderabad on 25th November, 2019.

As a part of their leaning students studied folktales from various cultures through research and international collaborations.

They collaborated with schools from Nepal, Bangladesh and Morocco and exchanged information about myths and legends from each others countries. The exchange of information with international partners was carried out through skype sessions and emails.

Students also explored how art is used as a medium of storytelling in their own country and partner nations. As a part of this activity they learnt about the 12th century Cheriyal Scroll paintings which depicts stories from ancient Indian folktales. The school organized a Cheriyal painting workshop in the school premises that gave students an opportunity to learn more about this dying art form of Telangana.

Various other in house activities such as creating clay models of mythical creatures, creating illustrative comic strips of folktales read, Power Point presentations, exploring the geographical locations and collecting more information about partner countries, role plays etc were carried out as a part of this ISA journey.

All of these formed a part of the exhibits of the gallery walk and were greatly appreciated by parents and faculty alike.

This event provided a great platform to the students to enhance their 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

The motto of creating global citizens by promoting internationalism through cross cultural connections was well achieved through this event.

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