Britannia launches its largest ever digital initiative – Britannia Cheese StarChef IN association with Saif Ali Khan, chef Shipra Khanna

Bangalore: Life is great, Cheese makes it better! This adage sums up the universal love of cheese. Cheese is that special, star ingredient that turns a good dish into a dish extraordinaire. Bringing it into spotlight this season is the all new show – Britannia Cheese StarChef, a 12-part YouTube series which transforms Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan into a StarChef as he learns to cook with the best- MasterChef winner Shipra Khanna and Britannia Cheese. The duo cook 12 lip smacking, delightfully rich cheesy dishes with Britannia Cheese.

The dramatic rise in in- home cooking since the outbreak of the pandemic, was the key trend that informed the making of the show. Cooking has become a recreational activity, and whole families are cooking together and enjoying the time spent with one another. And as per consumer surveys, this is a trend that’s here to stay. Britannia Cheese, picked on this insight and curated recipes which cover a broad spectrum of consumption moments, with the central ingredient being cheese. So be it a quick weekday rustle up of Grilled cheese roll ups or Pizza pockets, a more elaborate cream cheese choco chip cookies, or the eternal monsoon favorite, the cheesy vada pav, the Britannia Cheese StarChef is the destination to find a plethora of rich, cheesy recipes all made with a selection of Britannia’s cheese products such as Britannia Slices, Cubes, Blocks, Cream Cheese and Roasted Garlic Cheese Spread. Here is the link to the show –

Sharing his perspective on the initiative, Mr. Gunjan Shah, Chief Commercial Officer, Britannia Industries said, “The lockdown propelled many consumers towards in-home consumption and to experiment with cooking food. This led to growth across food categories with cheese being a huge beneficiary of this trend. Britannia prides itself on building superior products and its cheese, made with the goodness of cow’s milk, has a distinct yellow color & a rich cheesy taste which is loved by its loyal consumers. Cheese has been the fastest growing category in Britannia in the last quarter. As we continue to strengthen our position, our aim is to effectively connect with the consumers’ passion for cooking and provide cooking content in turn with today’s in-home reality. Britannia Cheese StarChef will not only entertain but also encourage consumers to continue cooking and experimenting at home with the best cheese.”

Commenting on the association with Britannia, celebrity chef Shipra Khanna says, “The cheesy affair with Britannia Cheese StarChef makes me believe that in the kitchen a Star can become a Chef and a Chef can become a Star. Shooting online with Saif was fun and unique, especially with Cheese which is one of my favorite ingredients.”

Anand Chakravarthy, Managing Director, India, Essence, said, “We are delighted to partner with Britannia, to conceptualize the Britannia Cheese StarChef programme. Leveraging Essence’s expertise in media and creative, powered by our approach to data, analytics and technology, we are excited to bring the Britannia Cheese brand to life through relevant and innovative content, designed for the world we live in today. We look forward to continue delivering valuable experiences for the benefit of both Britannia and consumers, and helping the brand achieve data-driven growth.”

Ken Sekhar, Branch Head, 22feet Tribal WW, Bangalore said “As Britannia’s creative partner in the digital space, we support their evolving proposition and help enhance the brand’s representation, to cater to audiences looking to elevate their culinary experiences. We are moving towards transforming Britannia into the ideal culinary partner, through engaging content designed specifically for today’s digital age.”

Sudip Sanyal, Head of Motion Content Group India said, “We are very excited to have collaborated on this show with Britannia, Essence and India Food Network. As a content group, it was critical for us to reach out to millions of Indian households and think about that one content piece that would attract the masses. Motion Content Group and India Food Network’s production process was an innovation, given the restrictions due to the lockdown, yet enabling the audience to have a good time watching credible and quality content”

Britannia Cheese StarChef is a high decibel 360 digital, campaign across metros. The campaign can be viewed across multiple digital platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The show has been brought forth in collaboration with India Foods Network and GroupM’s Essence and Motion Content Group.