Britannia Tiger Krunch partners with Udemy to bring home Self-defence classes

New Delhi: As part of its ongoing Krunch Khao, Punch Dikhao campaign, on promoting self defense for kids through martial arts, Britannia Tiger Krunch has partnered with Udemy , the world’s largest global marketplace for learning and teaching online, to bring home self- defence classes for kids at a special discounted rate.


‘Children face bullying at school all over the world, with one in every three students subject to attacks at least once a month’- This astounding finding by UNESCO, led the UN to raise global awareness about the issue and institute the International Day against Violence & Bullying at School in Nov’2020. Even in India, the scene is no different. To counter this, Tiger Krunch realized the importance of familiarising kids with Self- defence through Martial Arts which builds mental and physical strength and resilience to counter conflict situations. The brand roped in Bollywood star, Sonu Sood and created an engaging 5-video series taking children on a virtual tour around the globe to familiarize them with 5 different forms of Martial Arts- (1) Israel – Krav Maga (2) Japan – Judo (3) Brazil – Jujitsu (4) India – Kalaripayattu (5) Korea – Taekwondo.


To make courses on martial arts and self-defence more accessible to the masses, Britannia Tiger Krunch has collaborated with Udemy – the leading global learning platform. This association will enable youngsters to take special online courses ranging between 40 minutes to 7 hours on the five martial art forms. On registration, the user wins a Rs.150 Udemy voucher that can be redeemed to complete these special courses on martial art forms and more. As the consumers sign up to the course on the campaign website they receive a special redemption code which can be used to complete their preferred self-defence course or any other from a range of courses on offer on Udemy’s health and fitness platform.


By logging onto the campaign website and going through the five videos, the kids also stand a chance to get a “Krunch Khao, Punch Dikhao” certificate which they can then download.


Talking about the association Mr. Vinay Subramanyam, VP Marketing, Britannia Industries Ltd. said, “Britannia Tiger Krunch stands true to its philosophy – to always deliver the best value, be it in having the most indulgent cookie experience at Rs. 5 or overcoming any difficult situation by putting one’s best self forward. In an attempt to empower children to stay safe in conflict situations and build physical and mental strength we launched the Krunch Khao, Punch Dikhao campaign. And to take this campaign to the masses we could not think of a platform partner better than Udemy. This association enables children across India to choose from a range of courses at the best value”.


Talking about the collaboration, the Udemy team also said, “Udemy’s mission is to improve lives through learning and this partnership was a natural fit for us. During the pandemic we have seen learners on Udemy investing on new skills for themselves as well as their kids. This partnership with a reputed brand like Britannia Tiger Krunch will allow us to reach out to our users with affordable access to a range of courses focusing on fitness, while enabling masses to continue to learn new skills on the Udemy platform.”


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