British therapist-trainer Marisa Peer to speak at Success Gyan’s Women Growth Summit

New Delhi: Success Gyan, India’s leading platform for personal growth training, will host a unique Women Growth Summit (WGS) on October 2, featuring six world-class speakers and leadership coaches. The online women-only summit is targeted at working professionals, businesswomen, trainers as well as home-makers. The event’s keynote speaker is Marisa Peer, a bestselling author of five books, trainer, and motivational speaker who has been named ‘The Best British Therapist’ by Men’s Health Magazine.

Marisa is the creator of multi-award-winning Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) which has been referred to as life-changing. She has spent over 30 years working with people including royalty, CEOs, Hollywood actors, and Olympic athletes. Marisa has also been heralded as ‘one of the most powerful transformers of human behavior’ and ‘one of the few women in history to have a profound impact on the field of hypnotherapy’.

“I am excited to be speaking at the Women Growth Summit organized by Success Gyan. I am going to be teaching you how to unlock your mind for success and abundance. If you have ever wanted to learn to use the power of your mind, here is your chance. Don’t miss it,” says Marisa.

In addition to a power-packed session delivered by an international therapist herself, the exclusive curation at the Summit will have speakers such as Puja Puneet, life coach and the founder of Life by Design; Prachi Mayekar, transformation trainer and a certified master NLP practitioner; Dr. Meghana Dikshit, brain performance expert and the founder of De Mantraas; Shiny Surendran, sports and preventive nutritionist; and Chinha Raheja, personal impact coach.

Success Gyan’s Women Growth Summit is aimed at women who want to get back into balance, set clear boundaries, gain clarity, and live an empowered life. It is an opportunity to grow and transform with six of the most successful women who have molded millions of individuals to break barriers and achieve success.

“The Women’s Growth Summit is meant for women from all walks of life who want to become the best version of themselves. The Summit will touch upon key themes including financial independence, awakening your true power, breaking the cycle of victimhood, living the life of your dreams, breaking your limiting beliefs, rewiring your brain for success, and becoming confident and radiant. The program is a must-attend for every woman who is willing to carve a life of purpose and live at the peak of it,” says Surendran J, Founder, and CEO of Success Gyan.

The half-day event will take place from 9 am – 12:30 pm on October 2 (Saturday). Registration is free and can be done on

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