Brock University: CCOVI affiliates presenting leading-edge research at International Cool Climate Wine Symposium

The International Cool Climate Wine Symposium (ICCWS) has officially arrived at Brock University.

Delegates from around the globe have landed in Niagara for the long-awaited 10th instalment of the ICCWS, which runs until Thursday, July 21.

In addition to developing and delivering ICCWS programming, Brock’s Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) will be presenting cutting-edge research findings in the form of research seminars, workshops, masterclasses and poster sessions throughout the symposium.

CCOVI Director Debbie Inglis said the ICCWS represents a significant opportunity to tell the story of the work being done by CCOVI’s researchers and students.

“CCOVI is committed to ensuring that research findings and best practices are shared with interested stakeholders locally, nationally and around the world,” she said. “The symposium is the perfect medium for such knowledge mobilization.”

CCOVI researchers, scientists, fellows and students will have the opportunity to highlight their research rooted in the pillars of oenology, viticulture and wine business to peers from academia and the grape and wine industry.

From comparisons of post-harvest drying methods in appassimento wines, the latest in wine analysis and technology, climate change perceptions and adaptations, grapevine virus diseases, mitigating freeze injury, storytelling on Instagram and more, CCOVI affiliated researchers will cover a broad range of topics from a Canadian lens.

“The ICCWS provides yet another platform for CCOVI-affiliated researchers from diverse fields to showcase their forward-looking research,” said Inglis. “We look forward to an engaging discourse with industry colleagues focused on innovative practices that can help ensure the vitality of cool climate grape growing and winemaking for years to come.”

The ICCWS 2022 will conclude on Thursday, July 21 with the Awards and Closing Ceremony. Delegates are invited to join and celebrate award recipients and learn where the next edition of the ICCWS will take place when the Adjudicating Committee announces the symposium’s 2026 host country.