Brooke India (BI) signs MOU with Equine Farriery Foundation (EFF) To Develop A Certified Equine Farrier Workforce

Ghaziabad: In India, Farriery is a hereditary craftsmanship, which is passed down generations, and there is a lack of formalised structured training programmes. The only formal farriery training available in the country is in Indian Army/Para-military forces, which is not accessible to the Local Street Farriers (LSFs). As a result, these LSFs adopt faulty practices and demonstrate poor farriery skills, thus resulting in hoof related issues and reduction in efficiency of the working equines.
In the past decade, BI through its programmatic intervention has identified that a majority of the working equines suffer from lameness, poor conformation, hoof imbalance, bad hoof shape, incorrect hoof angle, frog cutting and low hoof quality. The delivery of quality farrier services for working equine remains a big challenge for BI.
To transform the farrier trade and address the farriery related skill and resource gap issues in the country, BI has been exploring collaboration and resource sharing opportunities with Veterinary Universities/ Colleges and other like-minded organisations.
Towards this end, BI and EFF have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) cementing their commitment to address the equine centric issues and develop a professional multi-skilled Farriers workforce through formal training programmes.
As per the agreement, BI and EFF will work together to impart trainings at the EFF’s Equine Farriery Institute and at other places in the country, to identify, mentor and upskill LSFs, professionally develop BI’s Senior Vets, Global Farrier Trainers (GFT), Master Trainers Farriers (MTF), other selected Vets and EFF’s Farrier Trainers and Trainees.
BI will also support EFF in employing its trainees, who have completed the certified course. Besides, both organisations will also share resources, expertise and knowledge to support each other’s endeavours to improve Farriery Education and Training.
Furthermore, both organisations also plan to organise joint media campaigns and messaging on mutually decided issues related to Farriery profession. The MoU further acknowledges that the partnership between BI and EFF will leverage support from their respective networks to make farriery a recognised, respected and regulated profession in India.

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