BSDU signs pact with Disha International Foundation to promote skill-based training among youth

Jaipur: Bhartiya Skill Development University (BSDU) today signed MoU with DISHA International Foundation, an NGO, in order to promote skill-based education. The MoU has been signed with an aim to promote skill-based education, training, student exchange programs, work on funded research and development projects, knowledge exchange, faculty mobility and generating employability. Mr. Kerron Vaishnav, Founder, DISHA International Foundation and Dr. (Brig.) Surjit Singh Pabla, Vice Chancellor, BSDU validated the objectives highlighted under the MoU along with other dignitary guests.

As per the MoU, DISHA Foundation will provide students of BSDU with internships and placements, along with student exchange programs which will help students get training abroad. DISHA will also help students of BSDU in developing and submitting research-related projects including those with the European Commission.

Dr. (Brig.) Surjit Singh Pabla, Vice Chancellor, BSDU, said, “Companies often have to train employees before they begin working, as most people working with machinery have no prior experience or training. Companies, hence, end up spending their time and money on training these individuals. At BSDU, we provide our students with internships and training in well-established companies. DISHA Foundation will help us getting more such opportunities in training students and placing them in companies, along with opportunities to train abroad.”

Along with signing the MoU, BSDU also inaugurated its latest Metal Construction Skills workshop. As part of the course, students will primarily learn to work with bulk metal. Students will get hands-on training to process sheet metal performing grilling, filing and bending. Students will learn new techniques of metal construction and working with bulk metal, including how to roll, cut, deep draw on bulk metal. For the course, the university will install special machinery, including welding machines, cutting machine, roller-bending machine, deep drawing machine, among others. Currently, the course has 30 seats available.

BSDU is a unique skill development university which is making unparalleled efforts in bringing excellence to skill development Industry in India by providing an apt environment with various industry tie-ups, quality infrastructure, and well-designed curriculum to make students skilled enough to be fit for their respective jobs in various industries or start their own businesses by training them to be ready to compete at international levels.

DISHA International Foundation Trust is a non-profit organisation working towards helping marginalised social groups, which mainly include migrant workers, unorganised sector workers, persons with disabilities, and prison inmates. The foundation is working towards providing these people with better living conditions.