BSDU students invents a cooler that works with WiFi / Bluetooth

    Bluetooth / Wi-Fi are indeed a sensation that has emerged as a new buzzword in the techworld. As kids we have started seeing our future to be technologically dependent. Living with the motive to make it come true students of BSDU situated in the outskirts of Jaipur, are working on what could be a big part in making the smart city, actually smart. Choosing the right air cooler in this extreme temperature of Rajasthan is sometimes a headache in itself to send your temperature rising. Besides every time getting up to adjust the speed of the air cooler we are introducing you with the new best friend –Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi operated Air Cooler.
    The Wi-Fi / Bluetooth operated cooler will allow you to operate your cooler with android mobile phones/tabs completely effortlessly and from anywhere that too very economically, and by lowering the power consumption. With this you need not be physically present with the cooler but can be anywhere – doing shopping, or travelling but want your room temperature to be set as per your choice well in advance.
    How it Works –
    Equipped with a 12W-2.4A power adapter the cooler will work with ESP8266 Wi-Fi OR android mobiles with blynk app. The cooler has our fans, a pump with bread board and cooling pads all connected with the help of wires or pipes.
    Cooler also has sensors that will automatically turn off the cooler if the temperature outside turns extreme cold. Option of manual operations is also available.
    Air coolers being equally popular as AC and more beneficial for physical and mental health as ACs circulate the same air over and over again whereas an air cooler pulls fresh air from outside and cools it down.
    Benefits –
    • Life expected to be more than 60 years
    • Saves electricity by 20% by automatically turning off the motor
    • Is very cost effective and very economical to make.
    • On the lines of ‘Go-Green’ the machine would control the release of carbon
    With this experiment in technology, Rajasthan could produce its own fresh air cooling machine on the same lines of brands that produce air-conditioners working via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.