BSE Institute hosted a national level conference on “Fintech and the Future of Money.”

Mumbai: BSE Institute Ltd, a leader in financial education, has been working towards financial inclusion and spreading awareness regarding developments in Capital Markets and BFSI. It does this through various initiatives like conferences, seminars and workshops. On April 30th, BSE Institute Ltd. hosted a mega conference to discuss a disruptive development in the field of finance, one which has already transformed the landscape of our industry and seems set to exponentially transform our lives. This national-level conference titled “Fintech and the Future of Money” featured prominent speakers who are leaders in the industry.

The ‘Fintech and the Future of Money’ Conference organized by BSE Institute Limited was in order to explore the impact, range and nature of changes that the Fintech revolution is likely to bring about. The aim was to bring together industry experts to share unique insights into the sector and tackle some of the hottest trends and topics in the Fintech industry.

The delegates found the conference to be an ideal platform to discuss the impact of this disruption in the financial services sector by meeting and interacting with industry experts who shared their ideas, experiences and beliefs. Delegates felt this would facilitate the launch them harness these new technologies to build better financial services firms. An enlightening keynote by Mr. Kaustubh Dhavse, OSD to Hon. CM, Govt. of Maharashtra was followed by speeches from Mr. Jaipal Kolapurath from Paladion Networks Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Aamir Thoker of Hortonworks Inc., Mr. Kiran Lokhande from Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd. Also amongst the speakers were Ms. Rama Vedashree, CEO, DSCI, whose words of wisdom reverberated with the delegates and speakers alike. In addition, the conference featured three panel discussions.

“The financial services sector is currently undergoing, in my opinion, possibly the most profound transformation in history. Fintech, which is the use of technology to deliver financial services to consumers, is redefining and reshaping the sector in fundamental ways. The scope of Fintech is enormous—it touches nearly every aspect of the financial value chain. This revolution will continue to disrupt the status quo, but it brings new capabilities that can help organizations improve their operations and enjoy the associated savings and efficiencies. The BSE Institute has always been at the forefront of enabling change and disseminating knowledge to equip the industry to enhance its capabilities. This conference – Fintech and the Future of Money is the first in a series of discussions initiated by the BSE Institute among experts from the public, private sectors and academia on FinTech and its impact on financial services industry. The presentations and panel discussions explored how these technologies are disrupting the very foundation of financial services and the implications that these changes have for financial stability and regulation.” said Mr. Ambarish Datta, MD, and CEO, BSE Institute Ltd.

FinTech is a game changer, there is no doubt in anybody’s mind about that. However, how efficient is it? How reliable? Is it truly a viable substitute for plastic money? These questions, among many others, are what this conference focused on. While some of the speakers argued that dynamic transformations in payment systems that happened in the past few decades happen once in a while and may not be reliable indicators of the future or may simply be trends, others disagreed, and rather strongly. The naysayers can always be found, but it is evident that the FinTech landscape is rapidly changing and dynamically evolving into a system which has the potential to solve all humanities problems related to capital allocation, payments, and money.