BSE Institute Ltd. Conducts a conference on Intelligent Automation


Mumbai: BSE Institute Ltd., one of the leading financial institutions, held a conference on Intelligent Automation at St. Regis, Mumbai.

Intelligent Automation is the combination of Artificial Intelligence and Automation which is proving to be a game changer in every industry. It is revolutionizing the mundane processes with the help of autonomous vehicles and advanced robots.

The old ways of managing and supporting business processes are undergoing a paradigm shift. By adopting Robotic Process Automation (RPA), organizations are automating processes with software programs that do not require human interaction. As automation technology evolves at an accelerated pace, technology investments to customers’ needs and business outcomes is becoming the priority for enterprises.

This initiative by BSE Institute Ltd. aims to create awareness about emerging trends and the future of RPA. The possibilities of AI are innumerable and they easily surpass our most artistic imaginations. Intelligent Automation has the potential to unlock the next revolutions in computing, energy and transportation. The conference witnessed an esteemed panel of speakers that shed light on the subject and various facets that are pertinent in the context of cognitive automation and its impact

The opportunity to apply Intelligent Automation to business processes has captured the attention of many organizations as they compete in a digital-first world that requires seamless operations, and greater value from resources.

“AI and the related technologies are changing the nature of business right now. AI has left its mark everywhere and I believe Intelligent Automation is something that is going to stay around. In this conference we have gathered some of the key minds in India who are part of the transformational journey put forth by Intelligent Automation and the policy makers who play a pivotal role in seamless assimilation and adaptation of such disruptive technologies” said, Mr. Ambarish Datta, Managing Director & CEO, BSE Institute Ltd.