BSE Institute Ltd, signs an MOU with Sasha Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd

Mumbai : BSE Institute Ltd is joining hands with Sasha Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd leading water and infrastructure Services Company that is pioneering the use of Water and Infrastructural best practices and technologies from Israel in India. The objective of the collaboration is to promote startups in the domain of sustainable water-related infrastructure and services. The MOU was signed by Shri Ambarish Datta, MD & CEO – BSE Institute and Shri Romiel Samuel , MD, Sasha Infrastructure, Israel.

The purpose and nature of the water infrastructure investments needs have significantly expanded to Water Supply and Sanitation, flood protection, drought management, and water quality management. Innovative startups can reduce overall investment needs and improve capital efficiency through improving the operational efficiency and effectiveness of existing water infrastructure. This collaboration will focus on driving this innovation in India with the involvement of organizations from Israel who are world leaders in this domain. The initial startups shall be in the field of water well refurbishment, ground water recharge, waste water treatment, etc. which shall create sustainable impact in water tech.

Israel is the leader in water technology in the world. It has perfected the modern-day version of the innovative process of drip irrigation, and since 1959, has taken it to the next level, so much so that other countries, both developed and developing, want a piece of the action. Israel recycles about 87% of its water. The country that has dedicated the greatest resources, innovation, and cultural attention to the problem of water scarcity. Today, it leads the way in solving problems of water supply, spearheading efforts to deal with water leakage, farming efficiency, recycling waste, desalination, pricing policy, and education.

Speaking on this occasion Shri. Ashish Chauhan Managing Director and CEO of BSE Ltd said “The human right to water and sanitation has yet to become a reality for one-third of the global population. 2.1 billion people still do not have access to safe drinking water and 4.5 billion people still lack access to safe water. Poor sanitation, water, and hygiene lead to about 675,000 premature deaths annually. In India as we all know, this is a very critical issue. We believe that startups have a critical role to play in this domain by evolving innovative solutions to address this issue. Israel is a world leader in water related technologies and I’m very excited about the impact that this can make at the ground level. ”

The Consul General of Israel in Mumbai, Mr. Yaakov Finkelstein said “It’s delighting to see India & Israel cooperating once again on this strategic field of water. Water is the most basic and vital resource and we’re using the most advanced technologies to find solutions to water problems. Water-innovation combines the most simple element (-water) with the most advanced technology (-innovation). Similarly, India and Israel represent two ancient civilizations and at the same time maintain a very high standard of science and state-of-the-art technology. So in a way this cooperation is very symbolic, yet very natural and becoming. I’m humbled by the fact that the BSE has chosen Israel as its partner for this important initiative and I’m confident that the fruits of this cooperation will benefit many people in India, Israel and world-wide.”