“Building a personal brand”. Training from the Karelian branch of TGK-1

From 11 to 12 March, the Institute of Economics and Law of PetrSU held an annual training aimed at developing graduates’ skills for interviewing a potential employer.
The meeting was attended by the staff of the TGK-1 company, headed by HR Director Irina Borisovna Boriskina, and 4th year students of economic training at PetrSU.

On the first day of the meeting, students listened to a lecture on the technology of job interviews and the rules for writing a resume. Irina Borisovna spoke in detail about the typical mistakes of candidates, pointed out what is most important for an employer, and gave a lot of useful advice on how to properly present yourself at an interview and achieve the desired position.

The second day of the meeting with the TGC-1 team was aimed at practicing skills. Irina Borisovna suggested that the participants try to be interviewed as part of the meeting. After the conversation, in the framework of which the participants answered the really possible questions of the employer, Irina Borisovna and others present drew conclusions whether or not to hire such a candidate, noted his mistakes and successful actions.


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