Building India’s Largest Chain of MBA Colleges by disrupting higher education space

Bhubaneswar: Industry and big corporates are always on the lookout for the students who are industry-ready, means who are already aligned with the industry needs. Tens of thousands of Indians are eager to learn skills that make them employable. To most job aspirants being employable means having an MBA. In India there are 4000 MBA colleges. Barring top 100 colleges, most of these colleges do not provide quality education and struggle to fill their seats. Sunstone Eduversity that is completely unique and new model, aggregate MBA colleges in an asset light model and run their PGDM program in these colleges.

Most MBA programs are not aligned according to the industry needs. According to an ASSOCHAM report only 7% of B-School graduates are employable. Sunstone’s PGDM program on the other hand, is not only rigorous but also has an industry-synced curriculum thereby making its graduates industry ready.

What adds to Sunstones uniqueness is that students who enroll with Sunstone are only required to pay a registration fee when they enroll. Only after the student is placed, he is required to pay 10 times the monthly salary to Sunstone as MBA tuition fee. This alignment of Sunstone’s financial interests with that of its students is a completely unique concept and ensures that students are taught skills that makes them employable. It also demonstrates the confidence Sunstone has in its curriculum and teaching methodology.

Another aspect of Sunstones uniqueness is that it aggregates MBA colleges across the country allowing students from across India to enroll for a quality MBA at a nearby college. By aggregating colleges across India Sunstone benefits colleges that often have low enrolment numbers and students by allowing them to earn an MBA degree that makes them industry ready. Sunstone is disrupting higher education space and is targeting 20k students in next 4 years.