BuyUcoin registers 130% YoY growth in the number of female users on its platform

Shivam Thakral, CEO of BuyUcoin said, “Women are very astute investors and take calculated risks when it comes to investments. If we look at metro cities, working couples generate double income, which creates a good amount of surplus fund for investments. Female professionals are looking at crypto for achieving their long-term goals like children’s education, passive income, and higher education for professional growth. We are delighted to see a healthy growth of female users on our platform and we plan to bring more women-oriented offerings this year. If regulatory hurdles are taken care of, India has the potential to lead the world in crypto and blockchain”.

On the occasion of International women’s day, BuyUcoin has curated interesting data on female users. Please see the complete data below:



  • Top Profession of Female Investors on BuyUcoin are Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers, CAs, Engineers, Financial Advisors, Housemakers, and more.


  • Age Group Section 25-34 holding 40.2% of the total.
  • Age Group section 18-24 holds 17.1% of the total.
  • Age Group section 35-44 holds 30.1% of the total.
  • And, Age Group 45-65+ holds 12.6% of the total.


Geography – Top 5 States of the female traders are

  • Karnataka with 30.1% Participation
  • Maharashtra with 11.7%
  • Delhi/NCR with 9.6%
  • Uttar Pradesh with 8.2%
  • Haryana with 7.9%

Average ticket size

  • 18-19K (INR)


Top 5 cryptos preferred by female investors:

  • 18% ETH
  • 11% BTC
  • 8% SHIB
  • 6.9% XRP
  • 4.3% ADA
  • 3.2% MATIC

Growth in female users:

  • Overall female users have more than doubled in size with 130% YOY growth

Device preference of female users:

  • iOS – 68.9%,
  • Android – 25.7%
  • Windows/browser based at 5.4%

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