BygC announces the launch of country’s 1st community platform focused on upskilling in banking and financial services.


Bangalore: Bangalore-based ed-tech startup ‘BygC’ launched India’s first upskilling-focused community platform for young graduates and job seekers in the BFSI sector.

BygC’s mobile app (currently available on Android) is aimed at benefiting young aspirants keen on starting and building their careers in the country’s huge BFSI sector which includes banks, insurance companies, mutual funds firms, broking, wealth & portfolio management firms, BFSI GCCs (Global Capability Centres) and even fintech, among others.

Srikumar Nair, Founder & CEO said: “BygC has been offering its very well regarded, online-yet-personalized courses with job guarantee at attractive price points to job aspirants. We realized that the needs of the industry and of the individuals are much wider and bigger, so we built this online community to bring everybody together for the collective good of the ecosystem.”

Further, on the occasion of the launch Mr.B. Vinodkumar, Co-Founder and Director commented: “After academic institutions, the next best place for freshers is to join a community of people who have come together to learn, discuss, and engage around subjects they are passionate about. Our mobile app is designed to provide exactly such a platform to the BFSI industry.”

BygC is bridging a huge skill gap that was impacting the employability of fresh graduates and the productivity of BFSI organizations facing a shortage of skilled people.

Anyone from the BFSI industry including employees at all levels, especially in junior & mid-level positions, job-seekers, and college-goers who are considering BFSI as a potential career option can join BygC online community and benefit from it.

They can ask questions and get answers from others in the industry and more importantly gain knowledge from every interaction they see on the app. They can network with industry colleagues and generally imbibe the industry culture, terminologies, and language.

Co-founder & Director Mr.SS Jayasankar added:“Industry experts have both the expertise and the willingness to share what they know, but so far never had a structured platform except for making stray attempts across various social media forums which are inherently designed for a more diverse audience with diverse needs. While we do have a panel of subject matter experts, the community will over time be self-sufficient and remain free for use for all those connected with the industry, which includes currently working professionals as well as future aspirants.”

Besides making its courses more accessible and affordable for even those in remote towns, BygC personalizes learning with one-on-one coaching and a flipped-classroom approach to training and masterclass sessions with industry experts. It also gives the flexibility to self-paced learning which benefits college students as well as working professionals, It is arguably the most affordable job guarantee program in the country.
Since last year, BygC has already been actively working towards providing highly employable skill-based training to freshers and professionals of the BFSI sector.