BYJU’S announces its social initiative – ‘Education for All’ with an aim to empower 5 million children by 2025

Bengaluru: With an aim to make digital learning accessible to millions of children from underserved communities, BYJU’S, the world’s most valuable edtech company, today, announced the launch of its social initiative – Education for All. The program aims at democratising education by ensuring that children across all economic backgrounds get equal access to quality learning opportunities.

Being one of the youngest nations in the world, India’s biggest capital is its youth. An investment in an educated mind is the fuel for our country’s success tomorrow. The “Education for All” initiative serves to enable students from underserved and economically deprived communities with a better chance at upward social and economic mobility.

This initiative will bridge the educational and digital divide by making quality learning accessible to the children in need. To commence the initiative, BYJU’S has signed MoUs with mission-aligned partners — The American India Foundation(AIF), Magic Bus, Save the Children, United Way and Vadham Tea.

Launching the social initiative, Byju Raveendran, Founder & CEO, BYJU’S, said, “This is a really special moment for all of us at BYJU’S. We are unified by the single mission of providing enriching learning experiences to children everywhere and have always believed that there is a huge need to bring about a positive change in education in India by giving back. With ‘Education for All’, we want to ensure that all children get an equal opportunity to learn and are committed to empowering children across the country through our tech-enabled learning programs. We are also happy to have like-minded and renowned partners on this journey as we work to make digital learning accessible by more children.”

“Education is one sector where efforts to empower and bring change can be truly catalytic. Every helping hand can make a difference and every single contribution can make quality learning a reality for a child. Together, I believe that we can make learning accessible and inclusive.” Byju added.

Since the launch in 2011, with the aid of technology, BYJU’S has been able to address the constraints of the traditional education system, overcome its hurdles and impact the learning needs of students across the country. With this initiative, BYJU’S will continue exploring and leveraging technology to bring about positive systemic changes in education.

BYJU’S made its learning content free for school students during the lockdown period and since then has seen over 20 million new students start learning from its platform for free. Today 64 million students are learning on the platform.

The company aims to accelerate its impact in reaching children who possibly have no access to learning today, both on its own and through partnerships. For more information:

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