BYJU’S Launches Digital Film #LearnUnlearnRelearn to Celebrate the Relentless Spirit of Teachers

New Delhi: BYJU’S, the world’s leading edtech company and the creator of India’s most loved school learning app, has launched a special Teachers’ Day digital film #LearnUnlearnRelearn to celebrate, honour and thank all teachers across the country.

The film seeks to pay tribute to the selfless spirit and sheer perseverance of teachers who have made an everlasting mark in our lives. In their relentless pursuit of imparting the gift of education, not only have they created better learners but also shaped personalities and instilled the right values to make their students better individuals.





#LearnUnlearnRelearn film brings forward the eternal relationship between a teacher and a student and showcases that no matter the age, one can continue the learning journey anytime, anywhere. The film highlights how despite personal upheavals and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers have been steadfast in their roles as educators and mentors to ensure their students have access to uninterrupted learning.

Conceptualized by BYJU’S in-house team, the film showcases the story of a 58-year-old teacher who struggles to adapt to online teaching. However, a timely phone call from an old student gives him the conviction to believe in himself and continue his duties as a teacher for the sake of his students. He realises that learning never stops and with renewed vigour, he embraces the change to continue his love for learning and teaching.

Talking about the film, Vineet Singh, VP- Brand and Creative Strategy, BYJU’S said, “The importance of a teachers’ role cannot be overstated. From encouraging students to realise their true potential to shaping the future of tomorrow, teachers have been a guiding force. However, it was during the pandemic that people truly recognised their significance. Despite the challenging times, teachers have persevered, adopted new learning methods and kept students and their education at the centre of everything. We at BYJU’S would like to thank every teacher in the country for their consistent effort in ensuring learning never stops.”


Watch the film here:

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