Call for applicants: Women Sustainability and Leadership Program – Third Batch 2022

UNESCO invites suitable applicants to participate in the Women@Dior(link sends e-mail)’s Women Sustainability and Leadership Program – Third Batch 2022.

Women@Dior(link sends e-mail) is an international mentoring and educational programme led by Dior, which has collaborated with UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition since its launch in 2020. The programme offers an opportunity to learn what may not be taught elsewhere: self-confidence and taking ownership of one’s career destiny.

Since its launch in 2017, Women@Dior(link sends e-mail) has supported more than 1 500 Mentees in over 58 countries, with the programme structured along four main pillars:

  • mentorship by “Promising Talents” (300 Dior Mentors),
  • access to more than 25 online courses: led by professors and exclusive guest speakers on the key themes and core values of the program,
  • Dream for Change Project: Following the classes, Mentees are invited to participate in the final project with a small group of fellow mentees to create a sustainable initiative,
  • An International Conference: To end the yearlong programme, the Maison Dior and UNESCO hold a virtual global conference.

The program will start by the end of February 2022 and run until March 2023.

All applicants MUST meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled in a tertiary institution, ideally at the start or middle of their degree
  • Have strong academic and leadership talent
  • Be able to communicate well in English
  • Have good access to the internet.

Furthermore, the criteria for assessment identified by Dior are as follows: talent, ambition and ‘generosity’ (demonstrated desire to contribute to positive social change).

Suitable candidates from Southern African countries should send their applications to: sends e-mail) sends e-mail) sends e-mail) with copies to sends e-mail).

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