Call for participation: Regional webinar “The Triangle of Safety, Protecting Journalism in the Field during COVID-19”

One of the main goals of good journalism is to cover the news and inform the public effectively, in particular during wars, crisis, natural disasters and pandemics. The public’s right to know is an important value and principle, but it is also intertwined with the rights of journalists to work and carry out their missions under safe conditions without fear, threats, self-censorship, impunity, insecurity or pandemics.

For these reasons, UNESCO Beirut is organizing a regional webinar to discuss the challenges of reporting amid the coronavirus pandemic. This online seminar will be based on the concept of a ‘triangle of safety’ related to health, occupation and gender. The overarching link connecting professional safety, protection from pandemics and safety measures related to gender online is the concept of digital safety. All of these interlinked debates reflect on news content; and on strengthening the humanitarian factor during times of transition.

Date and Time: July 9, 2020 from 2:30 PM to 4: 30 PM (Beirut Time)

Language: Arabic

Webinar Platform: Microsoft TEAMS

The session is designed as an interactive training exchange for reporters in the field. It is open to all journalists and media workers from the Arab region.

Registration is mandatory. Those who wish to attend the webinar are requested to register via the following online form:

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