Cambridge English launches innovative assessment and preparation packages to support learners during lockdown

Cambridge Assessment English (part of the University of Cambridge) has launched innovative packages for assessment with preparation that can be now purchased online.
T.K. Arunachalam, Regional Director – South Asia, Cambridge Assessment English, said, “To support our candidates during these unprecedented times, we have put together an exam with training bundle to help them prepare for their exam from the comfort of their home. When they register for a Cambridge English BEC Business Qualification, they will also receive access to a comprehensive online learning package that will help them enhance their communication skills while preparing for the exam.”
The package includes interactive and engaging business English content from Cambridge University Press as well as 10 hours of tutor-led live classes with digital practice from the training provider, English Edge. The exam packages are available for purchase online and are offered across multiple cities in India.
Cambridge English BEC Business Certificates are English language qualifications for international business. They show that you can use English confidently in international business environments. These certifications help a candidate to:
• work abroad
• work with international organisations in India
• study business-related subjects taught in English

These exams open doors to higher education, improve employment opportunities, and increase choice of study or work for the students. With a Cambridge English certificate, the student will be able to prove his/her English language skills to universities, employers and governments around the world.
Cambridge Assessment English:
Cambridge Assessment English is a part of the University of Cambridge, a not-for-profit organization involved in developing and producing the most valuable range of qualifications for learners as well as teachers of English, worldwide. Over 5 million Cambridge English exams are taken each year in more than 130 countries and more than 20,000 universities, employers, government ministries and other organizations rely on Cambridge English exams and qualifications as proof of English language ability.
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