Cambridge English organized a workshop on “Multiple intelligence and the roles of a teacher” in Madurai

Madurai: Cambridge Assessment English, a department of University of Cambridge, UK has organized a workshop for teachers on “Multiple intelligence and the roles of a teacher” in Madurai at JC Residency, Lady Doak College Road on 1st November, 2019. The workshop explored the various roles of a teacher in the learning / teaching equation and introduces the concept of multiple intelligence.
Use of multiple intelligence proposes a major transformation in the success of learning. If teachers can imbibe music, cooperative learning, art activities, role play, multimedia, field trips, inner reflection etc., in the their process of teaching, a proportionate achievement of students / learners in their academics will be higher and is sure to be a progressive one.
Ms. Uma Raman, a master trainer of Cambridge Assessment English who conducted this workshop, emphasized on how the multiple intelligence can be used in the classroom. More than 40 teachers from various city schools / colleges are benefitted from this workshop and they discussed the benefits of using multiple intelligence effectively as a part of their classroom teaching.
Mr. T.K. Arunachalam, Regional Director – South Asia, Cambridge Assessment English said “Cambridge Assessment English conducts various programs for teachers to improve their teaching skills across India. This workshop’s directive was to strengthen the educators so that they are well-equipped to achieve their goal of effective teaching while the students learn in a potentially powerful way. The implementation of multiple intelligence becomes an essential tool for teachers to achieve their objectives”.
Improvement of Cooperative learning skills, Growth of academic achievement, Progress of students developed responsibility and self-confidence etc., are the few expected outcome of using multiple intelligence in classroom teaching.
This workshop was very informative and the participants had a group discussion regarding implementation of multiple intelligence in their teaching methods.

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