Cambridge English organized a workshop on “Professional teaching skills for the 21st Century” in Chennai

Chennai: Cambridge Assessment English, a department of University of Cambridge, UK has organized a workshop for teachers on “Professional teaching skills for the 21st Century” at The Raintree Hotel, Anna Salai, Chennai on 22nd November, 2019. The workshop explored the various roles of a teacher in the learning / teaching equation and introduces the concept of lateral thinking and self-awareness.
Investigating professional practice through the development of self-awareness is an essential tool for teachers and is central to developing reflective practice. Lateral thinking provides a deliberate, systematic way of thinking creatively that results in innovative thinking in a repeatable manner. These powerful techniques enable teachers to explore different perspectives to address complex situations and challenges.
Ms. Uma Raman, a master trainer of Cambridge Assessment English who conducted this workshop, emphasized how self-awareness and lateral thinking can be used in the classroom effectively. More than 50 teachers from various city colleges are benefitted from this workshop and they discussed the benefits of using lateral effectively to improve the quality and speed of brainstorming and decision-making and improve thinking productivity.
Mr. T.K. Arunachalam, Regional Director – South Asia, Cambridge Assessment English said “Cambridge Assessment English conducts various programs for teachers to improve their teaching skills across India. This workshop’s directive was to strengthen the educators so that they are well-equipped to achieve their goal of effective teaching while the students learn in a potentially powerful way. The implementation of lateral thinking and self-awareness becomes an essential tool for teachers to achieve their objectives”.
This workshop was very informative and the participants had a group discussion regarding implementation of these techniques in their teaching methods to enhance the overall classroom experience for students.

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