Campus 365 Onboards Sanfort Group Of Schools To Enhance The Ways Of School Management


New Delhi: Education is a vital part of a human’s existence and it is something that must not be taken lightly in any scenario in life. Even in the early years of learning, a focus on education is a must. Sanfort Group Of Schools is one such institution that makes quality learning experiences available for students around the globe. With a mission to provide an enriching learning experience to early learners, Sanfort Group of Schools strives for the child’s cognitive development while they are in their early years of life.

Campus 365, one of the best School Management Software companies, has onboarded Sanfort Group of Schools as their customer to enhance the institution’s infrastructure and convenience. Campus 365 is a School ERP software available for schools, parents & students.

Sanfort Group of Schools being one of India’s top-rated preschools, advancing towards using Campus 365 is an excellent step toward a new segment of school management. Being a daycare institution, parents worry about their wards at times. They care about their attention in the class, their attendance rate, the homework they are provided, and many other things, which all can be tracked using the Campus 365 software.

Sanfort Group of Schools has a vibrant history of 12 years, with over 250 preschools and two K-12 schools in three countries. It is a U.K. concept international preschool chain that is working to redefine how early years learning is seen and adapted in India. The school uses the STEAM curriculum and is widely known for its ‘Child-Centric philosophy’. With their approach towards using an unconventional way of school management with Campus 365, the school has made a statement on their focus on developing children and their students.

With Campus 365, parents will be able to know their child’s study schedule for the day, details about upcoming competitions, notices related to the school, and even pay the fees with the convenience of a smartphone. The Campus 365 School ERP also provides the users with the ability to take care of attendance and leave management through the software itself. Integrating complete school operations on your smartphone swipes the traditional book-keeping way of managing the schedule and schoolwork, making everything more convenient and readily available.

With this turn towards technology, Sanfort Group of Schools ensures their students with a more convenient and easily accessible way to manage their school life. The parents will also get many benefits, the same as the Campus 365 software keeps the parents in the loop with the school activities every once in a while.