Canada Launches Radioactive Waste Policy Engagement

Protecting the health and safety of Canadians and the environment is the government’s top priority when it comes to nuclear energy. While Canada has a robust framework to ensure the safety of nuclear energy, we must continue to modernize Canada’s radioactive waste policy to promote long-term management solutions, which align with international standards and best practices.

The Honourable Seamus O’Regan, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, today launched an inclusive engagement process to modernize Canada’s Radioactive Waste Policy. Through this process, the Government of Canada will engage interested Canadians, including Indigenous peoples, waste producers and owners and other levels of government. Our objective is to elaborate on the existing policy in order to provide greater leadership on radioactive waste management and ensure that we continue to meet international best practices. For more information, and to participate in the policy review engagement process, visit

Minister O’Regan has also asked the Nuclear Waste Management Organization, a not-for-profit organization responsible for implementing Canada’s plan for the long-term management of nuclear fuel waste, to lead a dialogue to develop an integrated strategy for Canada’s radioactive waste through close collaboration among waste owners and producers, Indigenous peoples and other interested Canadians.

Nuclear power will play a significant role in helping Canada meet its commitment of net-zero emissions by 2050, creating jobs and economic opportunity across the country and around the world. Modernizing the existing Radioactive Waste Policy is critical for the government to continue to protect public health and safety and the environment.

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