Canada welcomes delegates to Montréal for biological diversity conference, COP15

Ottawa,: “We can confirm that Canada will welcome the world to Montréal in December 2022 for the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP15), which will focus on protecting nature and halting biodiversity loss around the world.

“The COP15 Presidency will remain under China, as recognized by all members of the UN Convention.

“Montréal has always hosted the Secretariat of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Given that China cannot provide the location for the conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada is stepping up to fulfil this role.

“The Government of Canada’s primary concern has always been to ensure the COP15 is a success for nature, no matter where it is held.

“There is an urgent need for international partners to halt and reverse the alarming loss of biodiversity worldwide. Canada will continue to advocate for international collaboration on an ambitious post-2020 global biodiversity framework, targeting 30 percent of lands and oceans conserved by 2030.

“With up to one million species currently at risk of extinction worldwide, the decline of biodiversity has critical implications for humanity, from the collapse of food, economic, and health systems to the disruption of entire supply chains. The world cannot afford to wait any longer for global action on nature protection.

“This important international conference will be a landmark event for Canada, with thousands of delegates from around the world gathered in Montréal to take action on protecting nature.

“Halting and reversing biodiversity loss require real collaboration and partnership, including with Indigenous Peoples, the original guardians of the land. It also requires real transformative change, innovation, and a proper accounting for the true value of nature in decision-making across all sectors.”