Canadian International School celebrates Halloween

Bangalore: Halloween, a global festival, was celebrated today with much fun and fanfare by students belonging to over 40 nationalities at the Canadian International School. The grand celebration saw students, parents, and teachers dressed up in various costumes to celebrate the spirit of Halloween. The students came dressed in various outfits to mark the welcoming of good spirits and driving away of the bad spirits in their lives. The students got the opportunity to go trick or treating, enjoy candy, and dance at a Halloween party. The School Community Association hosted a fun party for all students to enjoy. There was a DJ, spooky decor, and food and the entire school was decked up with Halloween-themed decorations.

The event was organised to help students pursue an education in a fun-filled manner and encourage them to appreciate differences in cultures and customs and also to make them aware of global festivals and values. For many others, it was a mind-blowing experience that took them to the western world, where it is celebrated in a grand manner.

“Halloween is so much fun! I love dressing up and going trick or treating, said Ethan, a CIS Student

“Aggie Cromwell from Halloween town said that magic is really very simple, all you’ve got to do is want something and then let yourself have it. This is what happened yesterday when my daughter got herself a Halloween costume. It has been a wonderful experience for my daughter.” said Ganesh Kempaiah, CIS parent and teacher.

“Our diversity is something worth celebrating. We celebrate all sorts of festivals, from Diwali to Korean New Year to Halloween. It is heartening to see the community gather, participate in, and enjoy all these special occasions together. Gatherings like these are the essence of CIS and celebrating all kinds of festivals together is what makes us a truly international school” said Shweta Sastri, Managing Director, Canadian International School.