Canadian International School teachers share emotional message with students during Covid 19 lockdown

Bangalore : Learning is unstoppable. These times have helped teachers and students alike; understand the importance of keeping our minds engaged during uncertainty. The academic year still has more than 2 months to go for students in the city studying at International Schools. Many schools have moved to remote learning to ensure students have continuity to their studies until the academic year ends. With classes being conducted remotely, Canadian International School ( CIS ) teachers are missing the day to day in-person teaching and learning opportunities that a classroom provides. This week the teachers from the Elementary School at CIS shared warm wishes with their students virtually to let them know how truly missed they are.

“The hardest part of remote learning is that we aren’t together. We want our students to know that even though we aren’t together, they are still very much loved and everything we are doing is for them.” – said Ms. Hannah White – Grade 1 Teacher, Canadian International School.

“As an elementary team, being apart and not being able to physically meet and communicate has been a challenge. We strive to continue to find various ways to still work as a team and have that connection during such times. Much like our students, we are navigating new territories and learning new things!” said Rekha Sachdej, Elementary School Principal, Canadian International School.

I wish school would open soon so I can see my friends and learn together, said a student Miraana.

Being at school is better than google classroom, said another student Shutaro.

Another student Aayan said “Remote learning and Google Classroom are fun, but I can’t wait until we go back to school”.

May all of you have a safe time and be at your creative best while spending days away from school. It’s only a matter of time before we get together and relive the excitement of school life, said Ms. Shweta Sastri, Managing Director, Canadian International School.