Canadian Universities witnessing increased interest from students post Trump’s administration, says ESS Global


New Delhi: ESS Global, a consultancy firm that provides recruitment services for students who wish to study abroad, reports steady increase in the queries received from students applying to Canadian universities this year. According to the firm, universities in the North American country are reporting an increased interest from the students aiming to study abroad, post Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections.

Following Donald Trump’s election as the 45th President of the United States of America, educators based in Canada witnessed a steady rise in the number of international students applying to universities in the country owing to the reforms proposed on the H1B Visa in the US. For example: Monitor ICEF states that the University of Toronto recorded a 20% increase in number of applications received from international students for undergraduate admissions following the US elections.

In India, some students, who had earlier decided to pursue higher studies in the US are now gradually shifting towards better opportunities available in Canada.

According to Mr. Gurinder Singh Bhatti, Chairman & Managing Director, ESS Global, “We have seen an increase in the queries by 25% since last year for students who have enquired from us for going to Canadian universities for their higher education. At the same time, queries for students who are opting to go to USA has declined by almost 50%. As the US gears up to bring changes in its visa and immigration policies, many students now feel that its neighboring country Canada, which has a reputation for being one of the friendliest country in the world, can prove to be a better alternative for pursuing higher studies.”

Canada is home to some of the finest education institutions in the world, and is a leading destination for higher studies among international students. Judging by such facts, it is becoming evident that Canada will surely surpass the US as a leading education destination among Indian students.

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