Cancer affected children get National Childhood Cancer Excellence Awards

New Delhi: National Society for Childhood Cancer CANKIDS KIDSCAN organized its 12th Annual National Childhood Cancer Excellence Awards Program for 2021 in New Delhi. The Awards function was held virtually via a Zoom platform. Mr. Kaushik Shaparia, Chief Country Officer, Deutsche Bank India (CanKids CSR partner for 6+years now) was the Chief Guest for the Awards.


Challenges might have broken the heart but not the spirit of Ms. Priti Kuiri, 14-year from West Bengal who has lost her leg during the treatment of cancer. Such demoralizing experience in life did not stop her from chasing her dream to become a dancer. She has taken Sudha Chandran as inspiration and energetically following her passion for dancing. Janki Gupta is an 11yrs old from Delhi, cancer came into her life when she was just 18 months old and she lost her eyesight. Dejected and depressed Janki fought back hard to live her life to the fullest. She has won many prizes in various competitions like Kavita Paath, poems, storytelling, etc. She has learned to read Bhagwat Gita in Sanskrit and created many videos which are now on YouTube. Amazed by her spirit a media company has launched a digital Bhagwat Gita and presented her with a gift.

Over 1300 children with cancer across India applied for the awards. Every one of them will receive a medal and certificate. 23 children have been selected for the awards of academic, creative, and sports achievements. Winners received cash prizes along with trophies and citations. 


The National Childhood Cancer Excellence Awards were instituted in 2007, in recognition of the indomitable courage, and honouring the bravery and spirit of children who have fought cancer. These awards encourage and motivate cancer-affected children to pursue a normal academic and extra-curricular life while proving to society that cancer is a disease that can be faced with a positive attitude and spirit. Over the 12 years of the awards program over 6500 children with cancer have been recognized and 200 have been awarded.


Speaking on the occasion Mr. Kaushik Shaparia, Chief Country Officer, Deutsche Bank India said “Our ongoing partnership with CanKids has allowed us to support nearly 10,000 children suffering from cancer over the last five years. I am delighted that we have renewed our association for another year which will benefit 3,000 children battling cancer in Delhi and Mumbai through treatment and psycho-emotional support. By giving children not just the ‘Right to Health’ but also the ‘Right to Education’ through the Canshala program, we have furthered our partnership with CanKids.”

Ms. Poonam Bagai, Chairman CanKids, said “while focussing on enabling best treatment care and support for a child with cancer our education program team works to keep children learning during treatment and to get back to school/ college, and back to society. Through our Canshala formal schools, school rooms in hospitals & home away from home, learning activity clinics, and ward bedside education we deliver all 3 tracks of formal, non-formal, and therapeutic education. We also provide scholarships

for financial support to children in need. CanKids puts a lot of effort into the selection criteria to avail this scholarship program as CanKids team invests ample amount in rigorous screening, background checks, phone & video interviews of kids and their parents. The amount of a merit scholarship is 15k per annum up to 5th Class, 16k per annum from 6th to 8th Class and 17.5k per annum for 9th to 12th Class. This year CanKids celebrated its 12th year of Excellence awards and has to date awarded 219 children out of 7800+ applications.”

List of the Award winning Kids:

S.No. Name Age City / State Award
1 Prince Singhal 15            Jaipur Academic Excellence Award
2 Vishnu K. 12 Kozhikode Academic Excellence Award
3 Rajanya Guriya 14 Haldia Academic Excellence Award
4 Dhananjay Kumar 18 Jharkhand Academic Excellence Award
5 Arkadeep Debnath 19 Kolkata Academic Excellence Award
6 Pruthviraj Arun Jadav 17 Mumbai Academic Excellence Award
7 Shaurya Kesharvani 07 Paryagraj Academic Excellence Award
8 Priyanshu Singh 05 New Delhi Academic Excellence Award
9 Anika Sagar Shinde 06 Mumbai Academic Excellence Award
10 Janki Gupta 11 New Delhi Creative Excellence Award
11 Priti Kuiri Teenage Kolkata Creative Excellence Award
12 Ayush Santosh Mahajan Teenage Pune Creative Excellence Award
13 Rimpi Ghosh 18 Murshidabad Creative Excellence Award
14 KumKum Verma 18 Hisar Creative Excellence Award
15 Sneha 15 New Delhi Creative Excellence Award
16 Vidhi Verma 06 New Delhi Creative Excellence Award
17 Garv Goel 08 New Delhi Creative Excellence Award
18 Dimpy Kumari 08 New Delhi Creative Excellence Award
19 Abhishek Bhandari 12 Kolkata Sports Excellence Award
20 Parul Bhemte 14 Shiv Puri, MP Regional  Award (North)
21 Saumi Parna Mitra 14 Kolkata Regional  Award (East)
22 Abdul Quddis Choudhury 14 Mumbai Regional  Award (West)
23 Nedha Fatima 07 Trivandrum Regional  Award (South)

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