Capacity Building Training in Management Development and Leadership to the Network of Community Media in Tanzania

UNESCO Office in Dar es Salaam, under its “Empowering Local Radios with ICTs for the Promotion of Rural Citizens’ Participation in Democratic Discourse and Development” project, will conduct a capacity building training in Management Development and Leadership to the Network of Community Media in Tanzania (TADIO).

The objectives of the session is to promote the capacity building of each administrative and managerial body in leadership, management and governance with regards to their requested roles in meeting TADIO’s  strategic plans and objectives.

The session is also meant to support TADIO to establish commonly agreed frameworks for report, accountability and transparency within and between each administative layer.

Slated in Bagamoyo, the five days’ workshop begins on August 18, 2020 and brings together TADIO’s secretariat staff and board members.

In Tanzania, UNESCO through funding from the Swiss Development Corporation (SDC) supports 25 community radios and the Network of Community Media in Tanzania (TADIO), an entity with 35 members comprising of 34 community radios and the Pemba Press Club.

The support is meant to ensure that people in Tanzania, especially the poor, women and girls, have the capacity to make informed decisions on issues that affect their daily lives based on access to relevant, culturally appropriate, gender responsive accurate information and knowledge.

The coverage of the community radio stations under the network is 74 percent of the United Republic of Tanzania, with a total estimated population of 33 million people.

UNESCO is conducting the session with funding from the SDC and technical support from Empower Limited.

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