Careerera Launches New Courses for kids, In Line with GoIs New Education Policy

New Delhi: Careerera, the world’s finest live online education platform for professional certification, test preparation and language training, has added new courses (live-instructor led classes) to its portfolio for children of the age group 7-15 years. This development is in sync with the skill development courses suggested in the new education policy by the Government of India.

The courses that have been added include Vedic Mathematics/General Mathematics, Coding, Reasoning, Abacus etc. These new courses are tailored for children between 7-15 years of age. They will aim at ensuring suitable skill development of the children at the right age. These courses will help improve the analytical skills of children and facilitate them to make better decisions in life. These courses will help a child irrespective of his/her future aspirations, be it a pilot, a scientist, a chef or a musician. It will help them apply logic and reasoning to panopticsituations.


Speaking on the update, Vivek Kumar Singh, Co-Founder & CEO, Careerera said, “We believe every child should learn analytical skills considering it will help them throughout their life irrespective of which field they choose to build their career in. In today’s day and age, we need to analyze our stance in every situation and act accordingly to emerge as a winner. These courses will enable logical and analytical skills in the children through hypothetical situations and prepare them to face the world when they commence their professional journey. We are also thankful to the new education policy that has made it mandatory to have at least one skill development course in the curriculum. The introduction of these courses is one step towards aligning with the new laws.”


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