Careerera to launch placement guaranteed Post-grad program on Data science

New Delhi,: Careerera, a leading platform for higher education courses and certification programs on the web platform has announced a post-graduation program on ‘Data Science’ that aims at achieving the par excellence in the field of data science and for those who are looking to acquire new skills.

Apart from python, this 1-year long program includes bonus courses in cloud computing tools such as AWS and advanced python language like Flask. Along with that, Careerera is offering an Employability Enhancement Program (EEP), crafted to bridge the gap between skills possessed by the candidates and the abilities that are looked for by the organization. The program focuses on assisting the students to prepare for the job opportunities at leading organizations and companies, Careerera will provide thereafter. The Data Science certification training deals with the engineering and analytical aspect of data science.

“We are very excited to offer this cutting-edge program in Data Science together with experts. The demand for qualified data analysts is high and increasing. But employers aren’t just looking for people with the right technical skills; the ideal job candidate needs to excel at business thinking as well. Throughout the course, students also benefit from industry experts to help them accelerate their learning. They’re also paired with a dedicated career coach who will help them with interview prep and resume review. Careerera already has partnerships with key employers to help surface placement opportunities for its graduates. Six months after the course finishes, if a graduate doesn’t get a data science job, they are refunded all the money they spent” said Mr. Vivek Singh, CEO, Careerera

It is no secret that these days, the future of big organizational work is being shaped by some of the potent forces namely, artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning. Owing to the same reason, while many jobs will be lost but many more would be found. Depending on, who adapts the right skills at the right time.

Since data is one of the important features for any organization as it helps leaders to take meaningful steps based on facts, statistical data, and trends. This is the same reason for the rise in the popularity of Data Science.

In a 2012 article, Harvard business review announces Data Scientist as the ‘The Sexiest Job of the 21st century.’ and since then, the trend of this profile has been rising only.

Careerera a well-established organization and has been provided opportunities to those who seek excellence in terms of skills and jobs. Even in the times of pandemic and wreckage of the economy, Careerera placed 500+ candidates.